Confined Space Training

This course will give you the necessary skills to safely work in a confined space outside of ventilated areas.


Your Training Includes:

  • Selecting, using and maintaining harnesses, connectors, lanyards, tripods and other equipment
  • Identifying and assessing hazards and establishing controls
  • Emergency plans and rescue techniques
  • Knowledge of legislative requirements

NZQA Unit Standards

Includes assessment and registration of credits for unit standards:

  • US 17599 Plan a confined space entry
  • US 25510 Operate an atmospheric testing device to determine a suitable atmosphere exists to work safely
  • US 18426 Demonstrate knowledge of hazards associated with confined space. Minimum requirements to safely enter and work in a confined space – WorkSafe NZ Best Practice Guidelines

Additional unit standards can be added in this course including:

  • US 3058 Perform gas tests for energy and chemical plant
  • US 19207 Enter, work in, and exit a confined space in water industry
  • US 19205 Demonstrate knowledge of pathogens, diseases, and their control in water industry

The inclusion of additional unit standards will require further training and fees.


Course Requirements


Two days including assessment.


One day refresher course are recommended every two years to update on changes to legislation and confined space entry techniques at work.


Courses are delivered nationally on-site or at one of our specialist training facilities.

What to Bring:

You will need your Passport or Birth Certificate and PPE (Helmet, Harness, Hi Visibility, Steel caps etc what you normally wear at work) or we can supply most gear.