Rock Empire Skill Uni Full Body Harness


The full body harness, Skill UNI, is designed to arrest a fall. Suitable for working at heights, descending, ascending and rescues.

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Skill Uni Full Body Harness Features

Fully Adjustable – with a padded waist belt, leg loops and shoulder straps.

Equipped – with lightweight, quick buckles that allow quick and easy setup.

Lightweight – quick buckles offer quick and easy positioning.

Attachment Point – Two attachment points for fall arrest on the front and back part of the harness (EN 361) Attachment point on the front for use with descenders (EN 813).

Straps – Shoulder and leg straps fitted with soft, breathable foam that offers more comfort for us  ers.

Webbing – Reinforced webbing loop for attaching an ascender device to the chest

Labels – Identification and pictogram labels protected by plastic and special pocket on waist belt

Steel Rings – Two rings made of steel tested at 15kN for work positioning (EN 358), tie in (EN 813) and fall arrest (EN 361).

Harness Specification

  • Two points for work positioning.
  • Connecting carabiner on chest.
  • Comes in two sizes and two colours.
  • Any ROCK EMPIRE- certified carabiner (EN 362) can be used to connect the chest part to the sit harness
  • Two gear loops

Waist Belt Size (CM)

  •  XS S M    68-110cm
  • L XL XXL    68-110cm

Leg loop Size (CM)

  •  XS S M    44-65cm
  • L XL XX    60-80cm
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