IKAR Inertia Reels are manufactured and tested to satisfy the requirements of DIN EN 360:2002. They are made particularly robust to survive the rough use associated with construction. Internal components are stainless steel and housing is aluminium. Through this robust construction, IKAR Inertia Reels maintain reliability.

Fasteners: 1.80 m band
Housing: aluminium
Weight: 0.96 kg
Dimensions: 240 x 84 x 61 mm
Snap hook: 140 mm

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Brand: IKAR
Category: Shock Absorbing Lanyards

The operation of the IKAR Inertia Reel is similar to that of a car seat belt. The internal return spring provides the mechanism by which
the Dyneema ‘web’ is allowed to extend under pressure with locking pawls to engage should there be a freefall speed exceeding 1-1.5 m/
sec. This is provided by the centrifugal force a pawls that activate the braking system.

The innovative braking system (disc brake) is pre-set in the factory to ensure forces resulting in the event of a fall are kept to below 3kN.
This setting is checked during the annual service.

Typical applications for Inertia Reels include working on high-rise buildings, chimneys, roofs and other fall hazard work, in addition
solutions for other problem work areas are also available – eg silos, shafts.

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